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There are a number of books written about Gwen's life and work:

Gwen Raverat - Friends, Family & Affections by Frances Spalding
Gwen Raverat - Wood Engraver by Joanna Selborne & Lindsay Newman
Gwen Raverat - In France edited by Rosemary Davidson
Gwen Raverat - A Miscellany edited by Rosemary Davidson
Virginia Woolf & The Raverats - A Different Sort of Friendship edited by William Pryor
Gwen Raverat - Wood Engravings of Cambridge and Surroundings edited by Rosemary Davidson

The following are some of the online resources relevant to Gwen Raverat:

Gwen Raverat on Wikipedia
Darwin College, Cambridge - Gwen Raverat began and ended her life at what is now Darwin College in Cambridge
Down House - former home of Gwen's grandfather Charles Darwin
Frances Spalding - art historian, critic and biographer of Gwen Raverat
The Ralph Vaughan Williams Society - Gwen's cousin
The Rupert Brooke Society - a great friend of Gwen's and fellow Neo-Pagan
The Society of Wood Engravers - the Society promotes wood engraving and Gwen was the only female artist to be a founding member of the society in 1920
Gwen Raverat on Art UK