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Raverat London Snow timbergram wooden postcard Raverat Wood Nymph timbergram wooden postcard
Raverat The Manger timbergram wooden postcard Raverat Gypsies timbergram
Gypsies timbergram
Price: £3.95

The Raverat Archive sells original prints made by Gwen Raverat from her own wood-engraving blocks; we also sell books of her prints.

Gwen Darwin was born in Cambridge, England, in 1885. She was part of the influential Darwin-Wedgwood family and granddaughter of the naturalist Charles Darwin. One of the first women to go to art college in England: she went to the Slade in 1908. She married the French painter Jacques Raverat in 1911. They were active in Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury Group and Rupert Brooke’s Neo-Pagan circle. Much later in life she wrote a memoir of her Cambridge childhood, Period Piece, that has been in print ever since it was first published in 1956.

The prints offered for sale here are all original and all from the Raverat Archive. Many of the images Gwen Raverat made are no longer available in prints she made, but are available in various print-on-demand formats through a parallel site that is extensively linked to this site through individual images.

Every print offered through this site, whether signed or unsigned, was “pulled” (made) by Gwen Raverat herself on her own press. Each print is sold with a certificate of authenticity signed by the administrator of the site, Gwen’s grandson, William Pryor.