Gwen Raverat (1885-1957) was one of England's greatest wood-engravers and a leading figure in the revival of the art form in the 20th Century. She was the grand-daughter of Charles Darwin, one of Rupert Brooke's Neo-Pagans and Virginia Woolf's Bloomsbury group. Her best-selling memoir, Period Piece is still in print (68 years after its first publication). She has an extensive following with work in galleries, museums and private collections worldwide, with many publications written about her life and work.

The Raverat Archive aims to promote Gwen Raverat’s work through exhibitions, lectures and by the sale of books, prints from the estate (original and giclee) and other merchandise via this website and selected stockists. All work purchased from this website is authenticated as original by the Gwen Raverat Estate.

Ready-Framed Original Prints
For a limited period the Raverat Archive offers original prints mounted in the frames they had for various exhibitions over the last 5 years.

There are three frame types (F1: small rounded limed-oak, F2: wider, limed soft-edged oak and F4: a hard-edged white Japanese frame. F3 has the F2 oak plus gold fillet, while F5 is the white Japanese frame with gold fillet). Our software fits the frame around the prints for the image you see here, so the proportions of height and width of the frame are not necessarily those of the finished item.

The prices are 20% cheaper than the total cost of the original unframed print PLUS the cost of the frame and glass.  They are all mounted on archive quality board and the glass is non-reflective.

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