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prints 1911

In February 1911 Gwen and Jacques Raverat became engaged, after he had proposed, unsuccessfully, several times to Ka Cox. Virginia Woolf would later write to Jacques: "I was alarmed by your big nose, you bright eyes, your talking French, and your having such a quick easy way with you, as if you had solved the problems of life... your and Gwen's engagement and being in love took on for me a symbolic character...All very absurd I suppose: still you were very much in love, and it had a certain ecstatic quality."

On the 31st of May 1911, between 4 and 6.30 pm some 350 guests arrived at Newnham Grange, Gwen's family home in Silver Street, Cambridge (now Darwin College) to celebrate the marriage that was to take place a week later in the Kensington Registry Office. That evening the young had their own fancy dress party on the lawn. Ralph Vaughan Williams, a Darwin cousin, gave them a William de Morgan vase.

With all this going on it is not surprising that Gwen produced only two engravings this year; one, The Little Visitation, her first religious image and made under the influence of Eric Gill whom they met that summer,

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