Not Just Darwins

The Intertwined Art of Gwen Raverat, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Frances Cornford

Leith Hill Place
Leith Hill Lane, Dorking, RH5 6LY

7th September to 31st October

The National Trust at Leith Hill Place presents Not Just Darwins, the intertwined art of Gwen Raverat, Frances Cornford, her cousin and closest friend, with music by their cousin Ralph Vaughan Williams whose childhood home Leith Hill Place was.  The exhibition celebrates their legacy with at least 50 of Raverat’s most evocative wood-engraving prints and a selection of her paintings, with poems - illustrated by Raverat – written by her first cousin, the prize-winning poet Frances Cornford and excerpts from Vaughan Williams’ music for the ballet that Raverat designed, Job, A Masque for Dancing. All the wood engravings are for sale. The exhibition and accompanying talks are presented by Raverat’s grandson and Director of the Raverat Archive, William Pryor.

The exhibition was opened on Friday, September 7th by William Pryor, Gwen Raverat’s grandson, author of The Survival of the Coolest, editor of Virginia Woolf and the Raverats and Director of the Raverat Archive.

William Pryor will also be giving a talk – with excerpts from a piano rendition of Vaughan Williams’ Job played by Geraint Lewis – on October 13th, 5.30pm. Click here to buy tickets 

The wood-engraving prints are for sale in support of the National Trust.

                                                                                                  A Back View
                                                                                           by Frances Cornford

                                                                                    Now when his hour shall strike
                                                                                    For this old man,
                                                                                    And he arrives in heaven late,
                                                                                    He can
                                                                                    To Peter and the angel Gabriel,
                                                                                    Having completely known,
                                                                                    Completely tell
                                                                                    What it was like
                                                                                    To lean upon the gate;
                                                                                    And knowing one thing well
                                                                                    He need not fear his fate.

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